5 Ways to Protect Your Vehicle While on the Road

Summer road trips offer great opportunities to explore the sights and sounds of Virginia. By planning your trip in advance, you can enjoy safer, more pleasant travels. The following tips from Easley Hedrick Insurance & Financial in Richmond, VA share ways you can protect your vehicle and belongings while on the road. 

Pack Wisely

Pack wisely, stowing cash and other valuables out of sight for safekeeping on the road. When stopping at a hotel or restaurant, avoid moving valuables into your trunk in plain sight of those around you, as it could draw undue attention from individuals looking for people to rob.

Park in Safe Locations

Choose your parking spaces wisely to discourage thieves or vandals from targeting your car. Park as close to the hotel or restaurant entrance as possible within easy view of people coming and going. Park in well-lit areas at night. If given a choice, park your car yourself as opposed to using valet parking to reduce your risk of theft.

Always Lock Your Vehicle

Always lock your car – even if you’re just jumping into a convenience store for a snack. An unlocked vehicle makes a tempting target for a would-be car thief. Use theft prevention devices such as car alarm or steering wheel lock to protect your vehicle on the road.

Maintain Interior Neat and Tidy

Avoid leaving beach towels, sweaters or pieces of clothing scattered on your car seats it gives the impression that you have something to hide. Thieves may risk breaking into your car to see if you’re hiding costly gadgets under these items. A neat car clearly shows there’s nothing to steal, encouraging thieves to move on.

Update Car Insurance

Update your auto insurance before hitting the road to ensure your vehicle and belongings are fully protected throughout your travels.

For quality auto insurance at reasonable costs, contact Easley Hedrick Insurance & Financial in Richmond, VA.

3 Rules for Buying Auto Insurance

So, you live in Richmond, VA, and you need car insurance. Whether this is your first car or just the next, some rules can help you get a great deal that properly covers your vehicle. After assisting many others to find the right policy, the good people at Easley Hedrick Insurance & Financial have put together a little advice.

Check State Requirements

There’s a lot to consider when you shop for car insurance, but this has to be at the top of the list. The last thing you want is a policy that doesn’t keep you out of trouble. State requirements change over time, but right now in Virginia, there are three minimums you need to know. The first is coverage for bodily injury. Your policy requires a minimum of $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident. Next is property damage. You need at least $20,000 in coverage per accident. Lastly is uninsured motorist coverage. The requirement here is again $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident.

Consider the Cost of Replacement

Your coverage is legally compliant. That doesn’t mean it’s right for you. When most people shop for insurance, they look at the value of the car they’re insuring. While this feels reasonable, it isn’t the most important number for most of us. Instead, you want to consider the cost of replacing your vehicle.

In most cases, that number is higher than the current value of your car. The ultimate goal of insurance is to make sure you can get back to work, or the grocery store, or anywhere else you need to go after a crash. Getting a policy that is geared towards the cost of replacement is critical.

Talk to an Agent

There are a lot of insurance companies, and they offer tons of different policies. You have the freedom to customize yours. It’s perfectly reasonable to ask for a little help. The agents at Easley Hedrick Insurance & Financial know the ins and outs of insurance in Richmond, VA. Let us help.