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Life Insurance in Virginia

Why Should You Acquire a Life Insurance Policy?

Life insurance is an essential policy that all adults should embrace in Richmond, VA and throughout the U.S. Life insurance has a sole purpose to financial assistance and protects your financial obligations that fall upon family members following your passing. Easley Hedrick Insurance & Financial can provide a policy that will provide you with financial security and protect your loved ones in the event of an unexpected death.


  • Funeral costs
  • Estate expenses
  • Eliminating financial debt

Expenses following your death begin with your burial proceedings. No matter what manner you wish, costs can escalate quickly. If you have specific arrangements or wishes you intend your family to follow, it is essential to ensure they have a policy that will cover those expenses completely.

It is also essential to consider the estate expenses. For those Virginia residents who have a significant estate or assets, but multiple heirs, should consider the costs required to sort your estate plan. Lawyer fees, probate court, and taxes will come due following your passing, leaving your loved ones responsible for any monetary fees.

Unfortunately, our financial obligations do not expire in conjunction with us. Although you have passed away, your financial debt has fallen to your loved ones. The estate you meant to leave for those you love can be used to satisfy those debts, leaving your family without their rightful inheritance and adding financial burdens.

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Life insurance policies allow you to cease any financial burden on your families following your passing and ease the grieving process. The Virginia Bureau of Insurance will properly review all life insurance policies and ensure that they are administered. Located in Richmond, VA, we can assist you with your life insurance needs and develop a policy especially for you. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with one of our Virginia representatives.

We are headquartered in Richmond, VA and serve clients all over in Virginia.


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