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Motorcyle Insurance in Virginia

Motorcycle Insurance Requirements in Virginia

Virginia law requires motorcycle riders to have insurance. A resident of Virginia must have this insurance before being able to operate a motorcycle within the state legally.

An exception is made for small mopeds that are not considered motorcycles. These mopeds have an engine that is 55 cc or less and are limited to a maximum speed of 30 mph. These small mopeds do not have to be registered, and the rider is not required to have insurance.

For all other motorcycles, they must be registered, and the operators must have the following minimum insurance coverage:

  • $20,000 of insurance that covers any property damage.
  • $25,000 of coverage for causing any bodily injury or the death of a single person.
  • $50,000 of coverage for causing any bodily injury or the deaths of two people or more.

When operating a motorcycle, a rider needs to carry proof of insurance. Be sure to ask your insurance agent at Easley Hedrick Insurance & Financial, serving the Richmond, VA area, for a copy of your proof of motorcycle insurance.

The penalty for operating a motorcycle without insurance includes suspension of your driver’s license and a fine of $500, in addition to any fees paid to get your driver’s license reactivated

How much motorcycle insurance do I need?

Most people insure their motorcycle for more than the small minimums required by law. Talk over your circumstances with your insurance agent. Consider the value of your bike, what it would cost to replace it, and whether it has customized work that would be expensive to repair if it became damaged. Also, consider how frequently you will ride it and under what kinds of conditions. Tell your insurance agent if you will keep the motorcycle stored indoors and if it has any anti-theft devices installed.

By considering these things, you will be able to come up with a coverage amount that is appropriate with the help of your agent at Easley Hedrick Insurance & Financial in Richmond, VA. Contact your agent by telephone, email, or come into the office to get a quote that provides adequate motorcycle insurance for your needs.

We are headquartered in Richmond, VA and serve clients all over in Virginia.


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